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NEWS RELEASE (11/2017) The Tree Charter 

Launched on the 6th November 2017, see the full charter at

NEWS RELEASE (8/2017) Pro Silva Silviculture Guidelines on Continuous Cover Forestry management practices 

This document was recently translated into English and provides a simple structured step-by-step approach to continuous cover management practices to support foresters and forest owners who wish to successfully adopt continous cover forestry in their forests.  You can purchase copies of this booklet from Pro Silva Ireland.

NEWS RELEASE (7/2017) CCF PhD Opportunity in Ireland

See attached details of a PhD scholarship opportunity at University College Dublin on a project focusing on the transformation of Sitka spruce stands to CCF. Closing date is 14th August 2017.

NEWS RELEASE (1/2017) Professor O'Hara a worthy winner of the 2016 Silviculture Prize

The Institute of Chartered Foresters awarded Kevin O'Hara, Professor of Silviculture at the University of California, Berkley, the 2016 Percy Stubbs, John Bolton King and Edward Garfitt Prize for Silviculture - for advancing our knowledge of silviculture. Professor O'Hara has received this prestigious award in recognition of his paper entitled : What is close-to-nature silviculture in a changing world? as published in Forestry, volume 89 (1): 1-6

NEWS RELEASE (12/2016) Pro Silva Annual Meeting 2017 in Romania

The 2017 Pro Silva Annual Meeting will be held in Sibiu, Romania.  One or two CCFG members are permitted to attend the meeting with CCFG Chair, Bill Mason.  If you are interested please contact for more details.  There is possible assistance with funding.

NEWS RELEASE (11/2016) Successful Underplanting  by Gary Kerr and Jens Haufe

The guide to Successful Underplanting for continuous cover silviculture is now available on the Forest Research website.

NEWS RELEASE (10/2016) 2017 Charter for Trees, Woods and People

More than 50 organisations, led by the Woodland Trust, are leading UK society in a call for a charter that will ensure that people and trees can stand stronger together in the future. This charter, strengthened by support from all corners of society, will provide guidelines and principles for policy, decision-makers, businesses, communities and individuals.

CCFG is pleased to be supporting a consultation, hosted by Sylva Foundation, that will enable woodland owners and custodians across the UK to help define the 2017 Charter for Trees, Woods and People.

This consultation is the only activity specifically aimed at ensuring the views of woodland owners or custodians are reflected in the Charter. More than two-thirds of woodlands are held in private hands, so it is vital that the voices of woodland owners/custodians are reflected in the charter.

To take part visit:

NEWS RELEASE (09/2016) CCFG's 25th Anniversary Dinner & AGM

CCFG's 25th Anniversary will be celebrated with an evening dinner with speakers at The Castle Hotel, Llandovery on Thursday 29th September 2016.  See the news release and flyer for more details or go to the events page to book.  The AGM will be at 5pm.

NEWS RELEASE (09/2016) BioWild-Project

The ANW Deutschland e.V. (ProSilva Germany association, headed by Hans von der Goltz) started at the end of 2015 a project called "BioWild", dealing with the disequilibrium between natural forest regeneration / forest biodiversity and ungulate populations in Germany. In close cooperation with the universities of Dresden (Prof. Michael Muller), Gottingen (Prof. Christian Ammer) and Munich (Prof. Thomas Knoke) 25,000 hectares of forest lands will be monitored within 5 pilot regions for the upcoming 6 years. Our key objective is to promote biodiverse, mixed, stable and resilient forests. Based on field observations the BioWild-Project memberswill demonstrate to the public, and to the participating forest owners and hunters in particular, which immediate and long term ecologic and economic effects their decisions have on silvicultural issues, biodiversity or hunting. For this purpose the project results will be processed as easily understandable demonstration sites in the pilot regions. Guiding principles for policy and decision support will also be formulated. If you want to get more information about the BioWild-Project, please go to

NEWS RELEASE (07/2016) Pro Silva 2016 Meeting in Scotland

CCFG were delighted to host the 2016 Pro Silva Annual Meeting in Scotland at the end of June. Forty-nine foresters came from all across Europe to participate.  See the News Release for more details or our events page.

NEWS RELEASE (03/2016) Towards Understanding Human Tree Selection Behaviour

This report, produced by Arne Pommerening, Lucie Vitkova, Xin Zhao and Carlos Pallares Ramos, is now available here.  

NEWS RELEASE (02/2016) Internship  Sought 

CCFG have been contacted by a French student seeking a 3 month internship in the UK from September to December 2016.  The student is seeking to work on a ProSilva / CCF project.  Please contact Mandy our administrator if you are interested and would like to see the CV.

NEWS RELEASE (11/2015) Pro Silva Ireland - Knockrath Forest Site Visit

Pro Silva Ireland held a field visit in Knockrath Forest, County Wicklow. This was a particularly important event in terms of promoting Pro Silva outside of the Pro Silva network since Duncan Stuart and the EcoEye Team recorded some of the days discussions for the EcoEye TV programme which is a very popular TV programme in Ireland. In addition, Donal Magner, Forestry Editor for the Irish Farmers Journal wrote an article about the day which helps promote Pro Silva principles to a new audience.

NEWS RELEASE (11/2015) 10th IUFRO International Conference on Uneven-Aged Silviculture

The 10th IUFRO Conference will be held in Little Rock, Arkansas, USA from Monday 30th May to Thursday 2nd June 2016.  Please see the outline programme for more information.  

NEWS RELEASE (11/2015) Internship  Sought 

CCFG have been contacted by a French student seeking a 6 month internship in the UK.  The student is seeking to work on a ProSilva / CCF project.  Please contact Mandy our administrator if you are interested and would like to see the CV.

NEWS RELEASE (09/2015) ICF Scotland Meeting - 1st December 2015

One-day seminar meeting arranged by Dr Scott McG. Wilson with the Institute of Chartered Foresters (North Scotland Region) and University of Aberdeen, dealing with the potential of mixtures of Sitka spruce and alternative conifers for resilient upland forestry. Details of the seminar and booking arrangements are available through the Institute of Chartered Foresters website events section.  There is no charge for meeting attendance but a buffet lunch will be available for  a charge of £6 (payable on the day of the meeting).

NEWS RELEASE (08/2015) Resilient Woodlands: meeting the challenges.  1st October 2015 at the National Motorcylce Museum, Birmingham

Resilient woodlands - everybody's talking about them but what should they be doing? A unique conference organised jointly by the Royal Forestry Society (RFS) and the Woodland Trust, is bringing together economists, conservationists, woodland managers and foresters to look at the question from all angles, including a presentation by Phillipe Morgan on the contribution of CCF to forest resilience.

Resilient Woodlands: meeting the challenges is open to all and includes a number of plenary sessions to encourage debate. To view the full programme and to book tickets go to

NEWS RELEASE (05/2015) The Wood Show 20-21 June 2015

The Wood Show 2015 will be held at  the Weald and Downland Museum. Celebrate the many uses of wood - from woodland crafts, horse logging and charcoal burning, right through to finished products for the home and garden. For further details see the flyer.


The CCFG AGM will be held on Thursday the 18th of June 2015 and conducted via video link between Alice Holt, Aberystwyth and NRS Roslin. All members are welcome to attend or to send any items for inclusion to Mandy Clinch at   The Agenda and accompanying papers are available for members to view in our members area.

NEWS RELEASE (04/2015) John Packham Obituary

Sadly John Packham a founder member of CCFG died on the 11th of  March 2015.  John was widely interested in woodlands and forestry.  You can read his Obituary kindly provided by I.C. Trueman.

NEWS RELEASE (04/2015) Pro Silva Annual Meeting 2015

The Pro Silva Annual Meeting is to be held in Brno in the Czech Republic 16-20 September 2015. For further information see the Preliminary Program. If you are interested in attending please contact the CCFG Administrator.

NEWS RELEASE (02/2015) CCFG Constitution
Following discussions over the last two years, the CCFG Constitution has now been revised to take account of comments from members and legal advice.  The version now shown in the members' area has been agreed by the CCFG Committee.  As agreed at last year's AGM (see item 4.1 of the draft minutes), members are asked to send any comments to Bill Mason by March 15.  

NEWS RELEASE (02/2015) Re-evaluating Rotational Upland Sitka Spruce Mixtures

This project was undertaken by Dr. Scott McG Wilson and funded by the Scottish Forestry Trust.

Drought damage to Sitka spruce in eastern Britain and disease impacts on pine, and larch more widely, suggest that total reliance on Sitka spruce monocultures for upland forestry may prove unwise. The project re-evaluates mixed-species upland plantations which combine Sitka spruce with alternative productive conifers such as Norway spruce, Douglas fir, western hemlock, grand fir and noble fir, and touches on other potential alternatives.

The outcomes suggest that this approach could offer significant benefits of resilience to novel pests and diseases and, to a lesser extent, climate change. There are also advantages in terms of silvicultural development and ecological sustainability. The full report can be viewed on the Scottish Forestry Trust website.

NEWS RELEASE (02/2105) Forestry Vacancies
Woodland Heritage seeks a Director to lead, represent, co-ordinate development, expand membership, inspire and enable new ideas and opportunities to help the woodland sector.  For further information, please visit:

A respected forestry consulting business in the East of England, which provides practical woodland management and consultancy services to landowners is offering a "self emplyment" opportunity to a young forestry graduate or similarly qualified individual.  For further information, please contact Rod Pass on 01440 783820 or submit CV to

NEWS RELEASE (12/2014) Rhineland Forest Service's QD (Qualification - Dimensioning) System. The Forest Service of the Rhineland Palatinate (Landes-forsten Rheinland-Pfalz) have been promoting an approach to forest management which has similar features to CCF and PAWS restoration, but they call it QD – Qualification-Dimensioning (Qualifizieren - Dimensionieren).  A feature of their regeneration policy is to mark clumps, 5 – 7 m in diameter and at 12 to 18 m distance centre to centre, where regeneration is managed as minimally as possible so that it will eventually give the premium crop trees which are one of their objectives. Elsewhere regeneration is not interfered with. See information sheet.

NEWS RELEASE (12/2014) Web Pages with resources from the CCFG National Conference 2014 are launched. We are grateful to the Forestry Commission for funding the production of these web pages and the conference report. They include pdfs - and some MP4s - of speakers' presentations, the Conference Report and recommendations, and information on the research poster exhibition which was displayed at the conference. See Conference Home Page

NEWS RELEASE (10/2014) Pro Silva celebrates its 25th Anniversary in Switzerland. Pro Silva is an association of 27 national organizations, from Europe and the USA, which promote close-to-nature, continuous cover forest management. On 11 – 13th September Pro Silva celebrated its 25th anniversary in Zurich, Switzerland with an Annual Committee Meeting and AGM, and 3 days of field visits to forests in the east of Switzerland.

All the forests visited had been managed according to Dauerwald principles. Loosely translated Dauerwald means 'continuous forest', and is a set of principles rather than a silvicultural system. The principles (according to Alfred Moller in a paper published in 1920) are:

1. Avoid clearfelling, in order to secure 'a continuous harmonious co-operation of all factors of growth', i.e. the continuous maintenance of forest conditions.
2. Every tree that is growing vigorously is retained, while trees that have ceased to grow vigorously are removed.
3 . Abandon the concepts of age-class and rotation.
4. Obtain regeneration only as a secondary consideration - it should not be allowed to drive the system.
5. Abandon elaborate calculations for fixing the annual yield, in favour of the determination of increment by periodic measurement (Marking of trees is carried out following silvicultural criteria, rather than aiming for a specific volume or assortment of timber).

For more information see 'Dauerwald', (Helliwell, D. R. Forestry (1997) 70 (4): 375-379) .

NEWS RELEASE (09/2014) Finnish Forester Heikki Kaitila says CCF rewards patient forest owners: Heikki Kaitila, who owns extensive forests in southern Finland, is enthusiastic about CCF and has forests which have been managed this way since the 1930s. To read an interview with Heikki go to the Finnish Forest Assoc. website.

NEWS RELEASE (07/2014) Professor Hanns Höfle:
it is with deep regret that we announce the death of Professor Hanns Höfle, the internationally respected German forester. He died in June, 2014 whilst trekking in the mountains of Georgia. Prof. Höfle was an academic with a seat in the University of Göttingen. He also had extensive practical experience and was an FD manager in Lower Saxony. Many students of Bangor University will remember him as a visiting lecturer, and in 2010 he ran a most successful workshop on Timber Harvesting for the Continuous Cover Forestry Group.

NEWS RELEASE (12/12/2013) Two recent publications which may be of interest to members:

'Continuous Cover Management of Woodlands - a brief introduction' by Rodney Helliwell's new booklet on Continuous Cover Forest Management is easy to read, informative, and well illustrated. It is designed as an introduction to the subject for owners and managers of woodland, but it would also be of a useful handbook for anyone else who is interested in how forests and woodlands can be managed sustainably. Available for £9.50 from Treesource.

'The Silviculture of Trees used in British Forestry' (2nd edition) by Peter Savill - gives detailed guidance on the biological suitability to different sites and soils for all important native trees and the most extensively used exotics. £75 from CABI Bookshop.

NEWS RELEASE (15/06/2013) The CCFG wlecomes Dr. Scott McG Wilson’s recent report ‘An Independent Review of Adpotion of Alternative Silvicultural Systems (ATC) in Britain’
which can be viewed on the CCFG website. The report was funded by the Scottish Forest Trust and the Forestry Commission, but it is an independent study and the views expressed are those of the author. This comprehensive report includes a register of examples of CCF (called ATC in the report) throughout Britain, 30 of which have been worked up into case studies. It also investigates the challenges and issues which are hampering the wider adoption of CCF/ATC in British forests. It concludes with recommendations which cover: 1. More vigorous promotoion of CCF by FC, universities, voluntary groups and professional advisers so that forest managers are more aware of the benefits, and are encouraged to adopt CCF. 2. A need for more demonstration sites and from a wide range of contexts (location, forest composition, ownership), and the development and use of more consistent inventory and monitoring methods. 3. Grant schemes which enable and encourage the adoption of CCF. 4. Continued R & D support at both the national and regional scale with a greater emphasis on the operational and economic aspects. 5. Support and encouragement for providers of more suitable, lighter machinery, e.g. machinery rings. Also, a concerted effort to develop markets and processes which make use of timber of mixed sizes and species. 6. More CPD and in-service training courses that are relevant to CCF.

NEWS RELEASE (30/10/2012) Wales' forests could be greener and more diverse after 18 year test. Wales-on-Line have published an article on CCFG's recent site visit to Cwm Berwyn, where stands of upland conifer have been managed under CCF for the past 18 years. We are pleased to see that they have used this as an opportunity to make a strong case for the benefits of continuous cover forestry systems. Go to article

NEWS RELEASE (02/06/2012) British Woodlands Survey. This survey aims to determine the extent of sustainable management practices in Britain and asks owners and managers of private woodland about their attitudes to current ecological, social and economic challenges.

We are encouraging CCFG members who are woodland owners and managers to complete the survey - and when doing so please add a note in the final question (additional comments) to say you are a member of CCFG.

NEWS RELEASE (04/05/2012) New Chairman for CCFG. We are pleased to announce that Bill Mason was elected Chairman of the Continuous Cover Forestry Group at the AGM on 2nd May, 2012. He takes over from Phil Morgan who resigned to take up the prestigious position of President of ProSilva Europe.

Bill has been the chair of the Scottish committee of CCFG for the last four years and has extensive experience of continuous cover silviculture through his work as a silvicultural researcher with the Forestry Commission. In addition, he has gained practical experience of implementing continuous cover forestry over several decades of managing the family woodlands in Nottinghamshire.

NEWS RELEASE (08/12/2011) The Management of Irregular Forests. This new book, first published in France in 2010, is now available in English. The book presents the approach to irregular silviculture developed by a group of leading French foresters and the network of research stands they have developed to monitor this type of silviculture. The network was established twenty years ago and has now collected data over fifteen years that detail the biological, economic and environmental development of stands spanning the range of species mixtures and regions across France. The network has expanded further with research stands in England, Belgium, Luxemburg and Ireland. Five new research stands in Ireland will be set up before the next growing season and plans for further espansion in Wales are underway. Download brochure or Place an Order

NEWS RELEASE (07/11/2011) WSAP bowled over by Cee...questration! The Minister for the Environment and Sustainable Development with responsibility for forestry in Wales, John Griffiths AM, planted a Welsh oak last Thursday to illustrate the principle of carbon sequestration and the benefit in planting new trees in Wales to capture atmospheric carbon and turn it into useful material for substitution; all this being done simply by photosynthesis using the sun’s energy.

The occasion was one of the three annual meetings of the Woodland Strategy Advisory Panel (WSAP) where our chairman, Phil Morgan, represents the group.

Water, another important ingredient required to oil the wheels of sequestration, was in such overabundance on the day that the photo opportunities pointed to reasons why our new thirst for sequestration in Wales has taken so much urgency.

What we do with our forests when we have planted the 100,000 hectares we plan to establish over the next 20 years is in question. And even more importantly what do we do with the ones we already have? We already have 303,500 hectares of woods and forests or about 14.3% of the land in Wales. Tree planting has very definite limits; additionality cannot be toped when we have reached the point of optimal land-use potential or equilibrium. There is only a very limited amount of land still to be planted with trees in Wales for additional sequestration so there may be more value in concentrating on improving the established resource. This drive for new planting may be a convenient distraction being promoted by a profession struggling to wean itself from a culture of controlling species and production cycles. Very encouragingly there were real signs during the visit to a move towards integrated systems where we gain benefits from using natural processes. There is definitely a desire to explore ways to adopt close to nature forest principles so that we grow better timber more cost effectively and provide the sort of environmental safeguards that will mitigate the effects of the rains that nearly washed the Minister away, while also increasing niche spaces for wildlife to develop greater complexity and increasing our carbon storage capacities.

The economic benefits to the Welsh economy from an increase in the production of higher quality timber will be as a result of silvicultural change. This has been recognised by the Wales Government and the Forestry Commission in Wales are now embarking on a journey. It is clearly obvious that they are not used to growing trees in this way and are in the midst of a cultural upheaval that will require guiding and encouragement. So long as they stick to the objectives clearly defined in the Woodlands for Wales policy document, and learn to think in terms of improving the growing stock, our forests will become more productive and more resilient.

Convincing a profession such as foresters that change is a good thing is hard enough. It is a different issue when convincing the public because they are the owners of the forest and are not concerned with the technical arguments their managers can argue endlessly about. Conveying the right image is all important, and if that message is wrong, it can undo the best of plans. So, if we want to make an argument for forests being guardians of carbon, we have to be clear about what we are saying and to convey the idea in the best possible way. Somehow “come and see our carbon clearfell” or “come, let me show you how we clearfell the carbon” does not go down too well at all. However, “come walk with me in our forest which is here for ever and see how the trees produce the wood to build and heat your homes and are homes for wildlife and how they keep our rivers clean” is much better but much too long and sounds like a cracked record… “Come to the Carbon Forest” has the right ring to it.

NEWS RELEASE (06/10/2011) Mostyn Estate, North Wales. The CCFG Wales field visit was held on 5th October by kind invitation of the Mostyn Estate. Phil Davies, one of our most loyal members, offered to arrange the visit to show the group around the estate as this year’s CCFG Wales field visit. His father, Richard Davies, the estate forester provided an outstanding insight into how the woodlands are an integral part of the estate and of the local economy, intertwining the social and the economic history of this fascinating place through a mix of hard headed business and philanthropy and a firm belief in the benefits of continuous cover.

NEWS RELEASE (15/09/2011) Country Diary and correspondence in The Guardian newspaper. Jim Perring in Country_Diary, Saturday 20 August, the Guardian, draws upon strong poetic resonances in response to disruption to the landscape caused by clear-felling above Llanddewi Brefi in upland Wales. Alec Dauncey echoes the poetic theme in his letter_to_the_editor published in the Guardian on Sunday 21 August.

NEWS RELEASE (1/09/2011) CCFG have responded to The Independent Forestry Panel
and made the case for an integrated silvicultural approach to the management of English woodlands. The submission to the panel can be seen on CCFG - The Independent Forestry Panel.

NEWS RELEASE (24/06/11) CCFG can even arrange for the weather! An excellent CCFG Technical Meeting was held on Thurs 23 June in spectacular Wythop, Winlatter Forest Park and Dodd Wood, all around Bassenthwaite Lake in North Cumbria. The Forestry Commission hosted a meeting attended by 45 people to look at the technical and silvicultural issues of transformation to multifunctional, close to nature forestry, in an area of Britain that exemplifies the multiple demands placed upon forestry. The impressive turnout demonstrated the thirst for knowledge for practical solutions and for a greater understanding of the benefits of integrating multiple objectives of management. The vision of massive high quality trees, harvested with minimal impact to the environment, sequestrating carbon while providing the greatest multiplicity of habitats for wildlife, on a cycle track overlooking one of the great iconic landscapes of Britain will stay with all those who attended. We left thinking that all British forests should aspire to this new vision.

NEWS RELEASE (3/08/10) CCFG visit to Romania: During July 12 members of the CCFG and 2 students who were funded by Woodland Heritage visited the Timisoara district of Romania where they were guests of Romanian colleagues from ProSilva Europe. By all accounts the visit was very stimulating and equally enjoyable, and we are looking forward to reading more about it in the next issue of the CCFG newsletter which is due out in the late autumn.

NEWS RELEASE (24/06/10) Winners of the Woodland Heritage Student Bursary
We are pleased to announce that Claire Wightman, who is studying for her HND in forestry at Inverness College, and Saskia Wischnewski, who is studying for a BSc in Marine Biology at Aberdeen University, have each been awarded £500 bursaries to enable them to go on the CCFG study visit to Romania this July. We are looking forward to hearing more about their trip in the next edition of the CCFG Newsleter.

NEWS RELEASE (18/05/2010) Timber Harvesting Workshop a great success. During May CCFG ran a 2 day workshop on Timber Harvesting with Professor Hanns Höefle of Göttingen University. The course, which was held in the beautiful Stourhead Estate, included both seminars and visits to local estates for field demonstrations. Articles and downloads from the course will be available in the 'Resources' secion of this website shortly.

NEWS RELEASE (01/03/2010) CCFG Events Programme for 2010. This year 2 special events have been arranged: a 2 day workshop on timber harvesting which will take place in Wiltshire in May, and a visit to Romania in July. In addition we shall have our 3 technical site visits: one in Norfolk, looking at transformation of even aged ash/oak stands to irregular stands; one in the Central Lowlands of Scotland exploring the issues of managing CCF woodlands in semi-urban environments, and there will be a site visit in Wales in October, details to be released. For more information go to the events page.

NEWS RELEASE (21/12/2009): Light Shed on Continuous Cover Transcripts of all the talks given at the Scientific Meeting, 'Understanding Daylight in the Context of Continuous Cover Forestry', which was held on 29th September at Westonbirt Arboretum, are now available on our 'Resources' page.

NEWS RELEASE (14/10/2009): CCFG Cymru held a very successful field meeting at Coed Bryn Arau Duon in Wales attended by over 20 people from all over Britain. Phil Morgan and Huw Denman have managed the forest for 10 years and have gradually changed the even-aged plantation into a stable forest with developing irregular stands. By concentrating their efforts on continuous quality improvement to the infrastructure and to the growing stock they have shown that transformation is an economically viable option which will lead to increasing benefits as the forest matures. Very useful and constructive discussion took place; some devil's advocates provided a contrast between toilet-paper plantations, to satisfy large scale markets, and quality woodlands managed for integrated multiple benefits. The rationale for cost effective support for transformation from public funds was demonstrated through the work to the forest during the course of the visit. The meeting was attended by woodland owners, managers, timber buyers, students, The Woodland Trust, The Forestry Commission in Wales and Forest Research.

NEWS RELEASE (29/09/2009): CCFG held a very successful conference attended by over 40 delegates who were presented with valuable information about the properties of light and how light interacts with the other factors affecting the growth of trees; new modelling and surveying techniques point the way ahead with the use of modern technology. The field demonstrations provided a clear demonstration of the variability of light conditions under changing skies due to weather patterns and seasonality and how variation can be contrived and manipulated within different stand structures in forest conditions. The summing-up and conclusions provided the opportunity to identify the need and direction for further research. Phil Morgan, chairman of CCFG said: Science provides us with the necessary arguments to support our assertions that continuous cover forestry is an effective means of managing woodlands in Britain; putting science into practice is our challenge for the future. CCFG gratefully acknowledge the help of Woodland Heritage in supporting the event.

NEWS RELEASE (24/09/2009): The chairman of CCFG, Philippe Morgan, attended the ProSilva Europe conference in Logarska Dolina, Slovenia, along with Rik Pakenham and Jim Ralph, held in commemoration of the signing of the declaration of Robanov Kot 20 years ago, marking the founding of the organisation that promotes greater understanding of Close to Nature forest management in Europe. ProSilva now has 24 national member organisations adhering to the group; Rodney Helliwell is one of the original signatories to the declaration and CCFG one of the original national groups. CCFG gratefully acknowledge the help of Woodland Heritage in attending this important event.

NEWS RELEASE (4/09/2009): Despite torrential rain the Scottish visit to Glenmore was very well attended, and provoked much interest in the issues of converting older stands of Scots Pine to CCF, and managing a Forest Park to satisfy the conflicting demands of commercial use, biodiversity and recreation.

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