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CCFG is a friendly, dynamic, member-driven group with an interest in silviculture and sustainable forestry. We welcome new members who share our values and who would like to apply new techniques in the management of forests. CCFG offers an exciting range of member and non-member benefits.

Member Benefits:

  • A full programme of field meetings and workshops, held in all regions of Britain and in a wide range of woodland types
  • Annual newsletter, available in pdf format (for a taster of previous years' Newsletters please visit our About page)
  • Periodic email news updates with the latest information on meetings, workshops and other developments within CCFG
  • Access to a Members section on the website, containing archival information, useful tools, downloads and previous editions of CCFG Newsletter
  • Free attendance on field visits and reduced fees for events.
  • Overseas study tours
  • An opportunity to participate in ProSilva Europe conferences and events

Non-Member Benefits:

  • Free access to the website for information regarding events, seminars and practical workshops
  • An opportunity to attend field meetings as a Guest for 15
  • Access to a range of publications and weblinks relevant to forestry and CCF, and a list of CCF Consultants/Practitioners

Types of Membership

Full Membership:

  • Annual subscription is 30.

Corporate Membership:

  • a corporate subscription will enable several colleagues/employees to enjoy all the benefits of individual membership at a slightly reduced rate. They are based on the number of woodland officers/ managers/ land owners who would make use of the subscription:
  • 2 people 50
    3 - 4 people 75
    5 -6 people 100
    7 - 10 people 150
    large corporations 400
  • Please contact the administrator if you want clarification about these rates.

Student Membership:

  • There is no charge for registered, full-time students at college or university. CCFG is dedicated to training and education, and strongly encourages all forestry students (and others engaged in natural resources) to participate fully in our activities and events.

How to Pay

We encourage all members to pay by Standing Order. This greatly simplifies annual subscription payments. Please complete the Standing Order Form and return it with your membership application. We will relay your instructions to your bank. Please ensure that all sections of the form are fully completed. It is essential that your Standing Order Form is correctly signed and dated.

If you require further information about becoming a Member of the Continuous Cover Forestry Group please contact

Joining Forms

Information Leaflet   [1.1MB]
Membership Form   [165KB]

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